Murkay Creations is the imagination of Kevin Wilson and Sandra Allen.  We are a husband and wife team who have fallen in love with the look and properties of glass. We have been fortunate to study with notable glass artists from all over Canada and the US.  We are members of the Capital Artisan Guild as well as the International Society of Glass Bead Artists. We enjoy creating functional glass art for everyday use.

We use two specific techniques for working glass. Using the art of Lampworking/Flameworking we make beads and elements for fused glass creations, mostly from Italian and German glass rods using a torch. The pieces are shaped and decorated by hand and then kiln annealed.

The second technique is glass fusing.  Each piece is individually cut, embellished then fused and/or slumped in a kiln and fire polished for a professional look.

We create one of a kind bowls, plates, decorative pieces and jewelry for everyday use. Some samples of what we create can be seen in the Images section of this website. To see everything that we do, you can visit us at any of the venues listed on our EVENT page. 

Meet the Artists